Emotional Health Express



Welcome to a new blog birth and a new date and time in this life. As any excited person engaging in an unfamiliar venture, I am hope-filled the ether brings success in touching the lives of hungry readers.

Wisdom learned and earned through the years should be utilized as a healing balm for others suffering the woes life has to offer.  Be encouraged. You are not alone.

To break the monotony of pain, a few highs, joys and laughter – though uncommon – are recognizable when they too fleetingly expose their glorious faces to us.

The simple sharing of stories and hearing experiences of others, helps us to view our circumstances from a wider perspective. Some of the burden lifts. As the human desire to alleviate the pain in others rises within us, we come outside of ourselves. We begin to focus on others and perhaps are able to comfort them.

These mini-vacations from our own problems renew a strength in us to once again face our difficulties. Repeated efforts to help others not only advances the clock but energizes us as well. And so, upon return to ourselves, we may find an issue resolved simply by the passage of time.  And wisdom gathered from serving experiences deposits into our problem solving capabilities.

A fact in the human journey is natural consequences. This reality has been so ignored as to be utterly denied its existence. The adage “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is key to making your world – and the world of others – brighter. Can you refrain from road-rage when it is being perpetrated against you? If you can, you may avoid a tragedy for yourself and innocent others. Good is rewarded. Someone is keeping score!

Join me in mysterious ether-space. I will share with you my best and hope to impart some relief and healing for your human condition. As well, you can deliver some of the same warmth to me.

We have all been there, on the precipice of and amidst disaster. How we decipher and deal with events distinguishes a Mount St. Helen’s from a firecracker.

What is bothering you today?


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