Catching Mental Illness by Proxy

Excerpt from my journal

By Annette Rey

To say they drive me crazy is not an untruth. Every member in my family has qualified as crazy at one time or another, temporarily or long term. What is the culprit? Putting genes and environment aside (that is fodder for a separate article), is it brain-killing-foods full of chemicals promised to “make a brighter future through poison”? Or perhaps it’s the newest street drug to avoid a brighter future. “Shoot this in your veins, you won’t need veins afterwards.” What about legal alcohol? “Forget the liver, remap your brain and forget how to function or be happy. We keep our promises!”

Okay. The advertisements don’t say they promise such things. That’s because it goes unsaid, is subliminal, and the ever-stupid human being, wanting to be led straight to hell, goes there willingly, and usually with a smile on his face. He smiles until that day he is sunk so far in the food/drug/drink that the bloated or dissipated countenance of illness picks up the fork, the needle, the bottle.

Can we be honest with ourselves? Can we love ourselves enough to evaluate what is offered before we jump in and become addicted? After physical addiction is there any mental strength left to decide to crawl up from the abyss?  Yes, yes, and yes.

No matter who you are. No matter where you have been. You must accept yourself and be yourself, stand alone without accoutrements. You – yourself – naked – are valuable. Stifle the inner, negative tirade that rails against you. Replace that with a new recording.

“I have worth. I will do for me today what benefits me. My sober mind can think, can make good judgments, can prosper. And being human, where I fail, I can and do pick up the thread and proceed to success.”

Every day is made up of short moments, segments, vignettes.

“One failing or one negative section does not rule my day. I am the master of my daily decisions. I accept failure and success with equal weight. This has just been a day I have lived. I will live a day tomorrow. Nothing is of so much weight I cannot improve tomorrow.”

You can avoid catching mental illness. Take control of your life. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Choose life, wellness, sobriety, happiness.

It’s your choice. Now seek the best way to achieve those goals. People care. Help is available.




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