A unique type of sale for unique customers.

Do you own a pond? Bring your own containers filled with your own pond water and

Go to Buchheit for your LIVE FISH supply to populate your waters!  (pre-order required)

Sunfish, Large Mouth Bass, Blue Gill, Crappie, Catfish, Red Ear, Minnows, Diploid Grass Carp

Buchheit has seven stores, three in Missouri and four in Illinois. Call your local Buchheit Store for deadline dates to place orders. FISH DAY dates for pick-up are different by location – October 13, October 15, and October 22.

Missouri Stores                                                     Illinois Stores

Herculaneum 636-475-6020                         Sparta                              618-443-2455

Perryville        573-547-6565                          Greenville                      618-664-9100

Jackson            573-204-1700                          Jacksonville                 217-245-4440

Agri-Division 573-547-4569                           Centralia                        618-553-3850


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